Sporty Conundrums

David chats with Richard Diaz about some complexities in the world of sports. Is consumption of violent sports causing people to lose years off their lives? Is there a new reason behind players kneeling for the anthem? Is player movement in the NBA good for the league? We will tackle these questions on this week’s episode.

2017 NBA Finals with Travis Kilpatrick

David chats with Travis Kilpatrick about the Warriors and Cavs in the NBA Finals…part 3! What can the Cavs do to change their fortune or are they done-zo? Is KD on the Mount Rushmore of basketballers? Will Klay Thompson be mentioned in this episode? Find out the answer to all of these questions and more!


A Conversation about Christianity

On this week’s episode, David chats with Cameron Garrett about his spiritual journey, evangelicals, the “trinity,” “belovedness,” and more!